Established in 2022, Musonium Gallery is the Florida Gulf Coast's premier art gallery situated within the booming Tampa Bay Area with a clear focus on exhibiting and promoting compelling artworks from exceptional contemporary artists. Musonium exists as an institution within the art world's traditional art sectors, where innovation and new rising talent constantly influence the ever evolving art scene. With an ambitious exhibition program, the gallery welcomes both established and emerging artists, each of whom present opportunities for seasoned as well as aspiring collectors to engage with and immerse themselves in the illustrious world of highly collectible contemporary art. New exhibitions are unveiled approximately every 6 weeks, often featuring expansive group exhibitions focusing on intellect and artistic expression as well as solo artists debuting new large bodies of work. The Musonium curators aim to present polarizing art influenced by captivating topics such as: philosophy, science, history, culture, and conceptual notions of prominent individuality. The gallery is dedicated to the management and building of private collections, placing artwork in public institutions, and enhancing exhibiting artists' careers.